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A Savory Summer Spread

A  Savory Summer Spread
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 I was browsing through one of my many fitness, health and food magazines the other week…and noticed there were a bunch of dishes with avocado in them.  I’m not a huge fan of plain avocado, as I find it’s too subtle for me. However, I LOVE guacamole and dishes that use avocado as a base, then have various ingredients added.  This Mexican-style dish is one of those.  It’s a savory dip/spread that’s as good with crackers and tortilla chips as it is spread on a bagel!

Yup-try this instead of cream cheese on your rye or pumpernickel bagel.  (Not so much with cinnamon raisin-I’m a purist with those, just cream cheese is all you need!)

It only has a few ingredients! (I’m missing cumin here, so forgive me)

It whips up smooth and creamy with just the right touch of zing.

Give it a try! If you’ve changed or added something, let me know!  I’ll make it!

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