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Broccoli Spigarello and Other Vegetables I’ve Never Heard Of!

Broccoli Spigarello and Other Vegetables I’ve Never Heard Of!

Well, today was Farmer’s Market day in Santa Monica.  I told you about those green veggies I tried the other day?  The first thing I did was to head over to that very same stall.  In case you go there, it’s called Coleman FAmily Farm.  I spoke to Bill, who I think is THE  Coleman of the Farm.  I described what Kind of kale I bought last week.  He told me it was Peacock Kale and that it’s very popular.  It was sold out.  He then went on to describe a few others that were very good varieties, BUT…they were all sold out.

Now, this was at 10:30 in the morning!  The market goes until 1.  How early am I supposed to get there to sample the goods?!  He said try to get here by 9.  Ick.  OK, I”ll give a shot for next week and see what he has.  He did, however, turn me on to a few other fruits and veggies I had never tried.

Oh, I did see the broccoli variety I told you about.  It’s called Broccoli Spigarello and it looks like kale or broccoli rabe, but it tastes JUST like broccoli!  Take the leaves off the center stem, steam or saute them with a little garlic and shallots or throw the leaves in sauce for some extra fiber and taste!  I’m going to get it again soon.

He suggested a few other things to try.  Malva, which is a mild flavored curly edged green leaved plant used for salad but is better when lightly cooked.  Good digestive aid, too!  (We’ll see!)

He also showed me some red mustard greens, which he said were a bit spicier than regular mustard greens.  I like spicy, so I’m giving them a shot, too.

I’ve seen Cherimoyas, but never had one.  I bought one today and it’ll be ripe in a few days.  It’s supposed to be very sweet, as it the Sapote, an apple sized fruit with a custardy pulp that’s supposed to take like sweet banana.  I might be sorry I got one.  I love bananas!

It’s such a pleasure to find a farm stand with unusual produce.  There have to be 15 stands with citrus, strawberries and peaches there, all with different prices.  What’s up with that, anyway?  Why does one booth sell a 3-pack for $6 and another for $11?  Are theirs SO much better? Do they only use legal workers as opposed to illegal immigrants who’ll work for almost nothing?  I just don’t understand it.  I always look for the cheapest 3 pack I can find, in case I hate the weird samplings of exotic fruit I bought.

Anyway, thanks, Bill!

Talk to you later!



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