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Charoset Anyone?

Charoset Anyone?

If you’re not Jewish, you’re wondering what the HECK that word is, arent’ you?  Pronounced CHAR-o-set,  the CH should sound like your hocking up a little flem.  Not a pretty visual, but you’re all doing now, aren’t you?

I was on the phone with my Mom, yesterday, and she was telling me how everyone who bought my cookbook at her beauty parlor just loves it.  I told her I had just started gathering recipes to work with and possibly use for my NEXT cookbook for Entertaining.

She got ALLLLL  excited and said, “Ya know what I used to make when I had guest over that they absolutely LOVED and and no idea what it was until I told them?”  (Yes, Mom speaks with run-on sentences a lot.)

“No, Mom,” I said, fearful of the answer.

“Charoset!  Everyone goes CRAZY over it!  The gang always asked for it when we played bridge! You should put THAT in the book.”

FYI, the last time her “gang” came over for bridge was 1987.

For those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s a mixture of walnuts, apples, cinnamon and some sweet red wine and it’s eaten during Passover as a symbol of the bricks and mortar the Jewish slaves had to work with making building for the Pharaoh.  Kind of gives you an idea of the consistency of the dish.

Not that it tastes BAD, but do you really want to eat something that has the consistency of cement at a party?  Oy.

I told her I’d think about.  OK!  I thought about it.  Let’s just save it for the holiday.  Cause there’s nothing like sweet cement spread on a flour and water cracker.  MMmmmmm!

Talk to you later,



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