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Chocolate SPLURGE Trifle

Chocolate SPLURGE Trifle
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This decadent dessert is worth the splurge!

I’m known for my good eating habits. (thank you Captain Obvious). But being a foodie and having gone to cooking school, I can’t be good ALL the time! And neither can you!! I found this recipe in a recent Food and Wine magazine that my friend Cathy Arkle gave me. Many of you know her as my cooking school buddy with the fantastic food blog.

I saw it and thought, “MAN, I’d love to make this for a party.” I’d never make it just for myself…because I’d eat it. All. Luckily, my monthly “gourmet” pot luck was coming up! This is an ongoing monthly dinner thrown by my friends Paul and Diane down in Manhattan Beach. If you’re not in California, Manhattan Beach is like the west coast Hamptons. If I could move there now, I would do it in a heartbeat. But, I digress….

Every month, Paul and Diane come up with a main course and/or dinner concept. Then those of us who are on the invite list (yes, it’s invitation only!), make suggestions for appetizers, sides, salads and desserts. I sent in a few healthy sides and this trifle recipe. Guess what they asked for?! I was thrilled!!

A typical trifle is a layered dessert that has cake and whipped cream. It’s English in origin. Many contain wine of some kind and some fruit. So this is trifle at loosest definition. It’s a layered decadent dessert. Call it whatever you like, just make it for your friends. They’ll want you to make it for every event!

The ingredients are pretty straightforward. The chocolate pudding is really more of a mouse-thick and luscious. You can choose whatever type cookie you’d like. I’m a huge fan of the chocolate peanut butter combo.

Everyone really loved it. So did I, which is why I couldn’t take it home! Not that there was much left…

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