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Freezer Staple: Mexican Flavored Onion-Mushroom and Red Pepper

Freezer Staple: Mexican Flavored Onion-Mushroom and Red Pepper
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I have a weird schedule.  I’m in and out all day, depending on my client’s schedule.  One day I could have 6 or 7 clients, so I’m out the door at 6:30am and don’t get home until 9pm.  Other days I have 2 clients and have buckets of time on my hands.  That’s just the nature of the job.   It makes eating well a bit of a challenge, especially since I want to be able to cook myself meals.

So, I make food ahead, whenever I can.  For instance, yesterday I had a 7:30 am client and then was free until 4 pm.  I wasn’t done until 7 pm.  So, I did a little time management and cooked this:

If you’ve read my cookbook, you’ve seen the “some and lots” column on my measurements page.  I often go by the look of the spice on the food.  Use your best judgment.  Anyway…

I used it mixed with ground turkey last night and made burgers.  Since I had already made the vegetables in the afternoon, it took almost no time to mix a few tablespoons into 2 1/2 pounds of meat, shape them into burgers and stick ’em in the broiler.  Even with  making fresh green beans in the microwave,  I was eating by 7:45.

Try the combo with basil and Italian spices for another staple.  Many people hate mushrooms, so just cook the onions and red pepper…or even just onions!  Play with your food and you’ll be surprised what cool combinations you come up with!

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