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Onion Pie Recipe (Re-Engineered, of course!)

Onion Pie Recipe (Re-Engineered, of course!)

It was a whirlwind few weeks that just passed.  Between going home for the Passover holiday where everything either has 9 million calories or buckets of carbs, then coming back to LA, only to have a big Easter dinner with my honey’s family (not like I said NO to the delicious food or anything!) I’ve had more than my share of calories.

In between this was my monthly Saturday dinners, where everyone brings a dish.  This month’s attendance was minuscule compared to usual.  Only 9 of us.  There are usually between 25 and 35 people at these parties.  The theme of the night was new dishes.  We had to make something we’d never made before.  I sent in a few suggestions and they chose the onion pie.  It’s actually almost an onion quiche, made with eggs and Swiss cheese.  I had to make it healthier, of course, especially with everything else I’d been eating!  It turned out really good and makes a good light lunch or dinner paired with a salad and cut in smaller slices, makes a side dish worthy of company!

Here it is:


1 prepared pie crust (preferably organic)

4 sweet Vidalia or Hawaiian onions, sliced very thin

1 tbs olive oil

2 tbs butter (yup…use the real thing!)

3 egg whites

1 C fat free half and half

2 tbs whole wheat flour

healthy dash of pepper

1 tsp dried dill

3 oz or so of low fat Swiss Cheese, grated

3 tbsp chopped Italian parsley

Roll the pie crust into your dish and bake it 1/2 way according to package directions.    Then, set the oven at 375.  Saute the onions in the oil and butter over low heat until almost caramelized.  They should be very limp.   Beat eggs, half and half, pepper, dill and parsley together in a large bowl.  Add the onions, flour and 3/4 of the cheese.  Mix well.  Pour into the crust and sprinkle remaining cheese on top.  Bake for about 30 minutes until golden brown.

It looks really pretty and after having it as one of the sides that Saturday, I had the leftover section (less than 1/4 of the pie) for lunch on Monday.  It kept me full until dinner.  Give it a shot and let me know how your turns out!

Happy April!

Talk to you later,


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