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Turkey Breakfast Stir-Fry (For lack of a better name)

Turkey Breakfast Stir-Fry (For lack of a better name)
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Bobby’s family came up to visit last weekend. More specifically, his cousins and his 94 year old aunt. And guess who was making brunch?! I wanted to do something a little different than just bagels and omelets-although Bobby DID make some lovely ones for them with tomatoes, basil, mozzarella cheese and sausage. (I had egg whites and no sausage. Figures, doesn’t it?)

I saw some dishes made with beets and red cabbage. It looked like an interesting combination-low carb, a little sweet and not the ordinary brunch ingredients. I added some ground turkey, fresh dill and a few other goodies and came up with a sort of turkey breakfast stir-fry. They LOVED it and kept picking at it after they had finished eating. I actually removed it from the table, lest they have no room for the fruit salad I made for dessert.

There was some leftovers that I had the next night for dinner. It was even better then. Still hearty and ingredient flavors had even more time to meld together. I also think this would be terrific with an egg or two done sunny side up on top.

I’m sharing it with you so you’ll maybe have something nice to make for Easter or Mother’s Day Brunch or Passover for that matter….I think this dish is definitely non-denominational!


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