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What’s a Holiday without COOKIES?!

What’s a Holiday without COOKIES?!
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I admit it.  I love cookies.  Almost any kind of cookie. (coconut and vanilla being the exception… so more for you!) Part of the reason is that they’re self-portioning.  Yes, there are those enormous cookie-gram cookies that are delivered by a tap dancing elf (or whatever)-but basically, each cookie is a serving.  If you’re trying to cut down on sugar, cookies are easier than cake and pie to portion.  And so much easier to balance on the side of a tea cup!

Last Sunday was the annual “Cookie Swap” holiday party for my FBLA group.  That stands for Food Bloggers of Los Angeles.  You can only imagine how excited I was!  These people are fantastic with food and many of them provide holiday decorations on the plates that would shame Martha Stewart.

Have a cookie!

The beauty of these treats is that many are healthy, and all of them were just delicious.  We had gluten free options, paleo options, savory options and chocolate options (I said MANY..not all!)

Here are links to some of the recipes:

Gingerbread Bar Cookies with Eggnog Icing:

Flourless Caramel Oat Cookies:

Sicilian Christmas Cookies:

Three-Layer Mint Brownies:

Almond cheddar tea biscuits:


We also had some scrumptious savory dishes, as well!

The Vegetarian Yule Log

Here’s a wonderful vegetarian dish by Judy Lyness:

You get the idea.  there are a lot more cookie recipes, but my fellow bloggers are still working on theirs.  My buddy Cathy Arkle, will no doubt share her recipe for the very sweet cinnamon bun cookies she created.

Oh! You probably want to know what I made!  You guys know by now I’m not a huge baker.  Not because I CAN’T…because I’ll EAT IT!  I decided to keep it simple with a peanut butter cookie.  Baking cookies isn’t as easy as you might think.  I didn’t want to chance trying something difficult, as time was an issue.  I tried to make these a tad healthier using organic white whole wheat flour and natural, organic peanut butter.  I also used a tad less sugar.  People seemed to like them!

And there you have it.  Enjoy these wonderful recipes for YOUR holiday celebrations.  I wish you all happiness, love, joy and playful adventure during your holiday season…..

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