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A Peach of a Fajita! Chicken and Peach, That is!

A Peach of a Fajita! Chicken and Peach, That is!
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Chicken and Peach with a Hint of Jalapeno

There was a knock on my door the other night. As I looked through my peephole, I saw my neighbor, Jessica, holding a bowling ball size plastic bag of peaches and plums. She and her husband grew up here in West Los Angeles and both sets of parents have fruit trees in their back yard. “We have so much,” she told me. “Would you like some?”
Loving summer fruit, I said, “Sure, I’ll take a few!”
“Uh…you don’t understand. Ben and I have a whole BIG bag of fruit in the house. This is for you, if you’d like them.”
You mean this wasn’t the BIG bag? I certainly wasn’t going to turn her down, so I happily took the fruit. Now, what the heck was I going to DO with all of it? Basically, it’s just me and Bobby, my other half. Oh, and my cat, Moe, who, if offered the choice of eating fruit or being snuffled by a German Shepard would seriously have to think about it. Actually, so would Bobby.
This would mean I’d have to eat it or cook it. It just so happened that I had taken out a few chicken breasts to make some fajitas that night. I looked at the ripe peaches. I looked at the fajita ingredients. I looked at the peaches. Why not? I had to change some ingredients to make everything fit, but this is what I came up with. I think the recipe is the perfect combination of refreshing fruit and spicy Mexican flavors. Have fun with it. Try cilantro to the onion mix instead of using the thyme on the chicken, if you’d like. Get creative! I won’t mind. Really.



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