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Chicken with Sweet Tomato Sauce-Moroccan Style

Chicken with Sweet Tomato Sauce-Moroccan Style
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Like so many other foodies who cook, I collect cookbooks to get inspiration from and just find good stuff to make. Recently, I revisited a huge set of cookbooks I have. They’re literally huge, I think they’re about 18″ high and 12″ wide. The books are a series called “The Beautiful Cookbook.” This one is Joyce Goldstein’s Mediterranean, The Beautiful Cookbook-Authentic Recipes From the The Mediterranean Lands.

This encompasses cuisines from Spain and France to North Africa and Turkey. The recipes are easy and interesting and the books include a bit of history from every area covered. I tried this recipe because I love anything with tomatoes and this one has interesting additions like saffron and cinnamon. I halved the amount originally called for with the cinnamon and honey. Since we don’t usually use these spices in combo-I was afraid it would be overpowering. I was right. The amounts posted below are just the right touch, I think.

It’s a stew, but light enough for this time of year. I served it with a bit of brown rice, but it would go equally as well with cous-cous or even sweet potatoes.

Don’t get excited-I didn’t have any starch with it, everyone else did. Thought you’d catch me eating carbs for dinner, didn’t you?

Oh-the dish is even better the next day!


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