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Chocolate Hummus-You Read That Right!

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I’ve been a fitness foodie for most of my life. However, there are those who think those two are mutually exclusive, but I’m here to tell you it’s not true!  You don’t even have to be a vegetarian or vegan to eat healthy delicious food and live a fantastically fun balanced lifestyle.  Don’t just take MY word for it…. there’s another expert who can back up my claim, and I was thrilled to meet her at her recent book signing event at Melissa’s Produce.

Her name is Christine Lusita. She’s a personal trainer and nutritionist and her book is called The Right Fit Formula. She has an interesting take on staying healthy and fit that makes sense for today’s living.  Christine breaks it down so you can customize your plan of action depending on your own personality and values.

To start off, she breaks personalities into four main categories, based on the DiSC program developed by psychologists William Moulton Marston and Walter Clarke: the Leader, the Socializer, the Supporter and the Planner.  Not sure which one you are?  She’s thought of that!  There’s a quiz you can take right in the book that helps you narrow it down!  Realizing that no one is absolutely ONE category, she lets it be known that if you’re “mostly” one or another, you can more easily customize a program that works for you.

The Right Fit Formula is incredibly interactive-a smart tactic as people tend to follow through more when they build and plan things for themselves.  There are quizzes and questions to contemplate throughout the book that cover all aspects of wellness.  There’s even a workout section, all based on your personality type.

Fun tip: Changing the wording of terms like “working out” and “exercising” to phrases like “movement with purpose” can help erase the chore-like association your mind makes with physical activity, making it easier for you to stay motivated and get active.

There are tips on everything from planning your day to making a vision board to mindfulness exercises, all geared toward helping you lose weight (if you need to) and create life balance. She’s a girl after my own heart. (And she’s an East-Coaster! We speak the same language!)

Her talk at Melissa’s Produce highlighted the wonderful recipes in the back section of the book.  Every recipe is quick and easy.  We were lucky enough to sample a few of them:

Zucchini Hummus pg. 313


Melon and Cucumber Salad pg. 296

Miso Crunch Bowl pg. 308

Stuffed Pita with Greek Salad pg. 303

Vegetarian Chili pg. 263


BlackBerry Cashew Tarts pg. 287

Orange Cantaloupe Smoothie pg. 307

And my personal favorite, Chocolate Hummus (page 279), seen at the top of my blog. I was a little nervous tasting this dish.  I’ve had too many “almost tastes like” dishes (chocolate pudding made with avocado and vegan ice cream) that taste NOTHING like what their name says they are.

Christine and I agree that one should NEVER name anything ‘cream’ that doesn’t have dairy in it. But, I digress.

This dish was the da bomb!  It’s naturally sweet, full of fiber and other good things and yes….it’s vegan, for all you non-carnivore peeps out there.  I’’m sharing the recipe with you here.  It’s perfect for a summer evening entertaining friends and works for an appetizer as well as a dessert! I think you’ll like it as much as I did.


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