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Fonuts Galore!

Fonuts Galore!
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IMG_1175It might seem like an oxymoron when someone like me lives a healthy lifestyle and still considers herself to be a “foodie.” But I do love good food and always allow myself to eat ALL kinds of food (in moderation, of course), especially when it’s re-engineered to be healthier.
Donuts are a perfect example of this. Sweet, gooey and coming in hundreds of flavors, these doughy-fried confections are a constant reminder of my childhood when my Mom used to come back from the bakery with freshly made jelly, chocolate, lemon and others. The fact that they were fried didn’t affect me at all. I was 12. Who thought about stuff like that back then? I do now. I don’t eat fried foods. So that means no donuts. Until now!
“Fonuts” are gluten-free, culinary delights made here in LA by baker Nancy Truman and pastry chef Waylynn Lucas. They’re the bakers/owners of Fonuts, a donut and coffee shop on West 3rd Street. Nancy is gluten intolerant. Loving sweets, she experimented and came up with these beauties that fit her dietary needs. People are flocking to their store to try their treats. They even have recipes available online. So, my cooking school buddy, Cathy Arkle, and I decided to try making these for ourselves. I made banana chip fonuts and Cathy tried the lemon fonuts. You can see how Cathy’s came out on her blog. Mine is below.

But first, if you’re an LA native, you can see Nancy and Waylynn in action! Best Buy is having an amazing event next Saturday at their Culver City location. You really need to see how you can make these at home! Here’s the info:

With Pastry Chef, Waylynn Lucas of Bravo’s Eat, Drink, Love and gluten-free, baking whiz Nancy Truman of Fonuts

Presented by Best Buy Small Appliances
Co-hosted by AMP Radio’s Michelle & Chris Booker

Fonut Menu curated and demonstrated by pastry chef/owner, Waylynn Lucas and baker/owner Nancy Truman of Fonuts
Saturday,October 5th
1:00- 4:00pm
10799 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA

@BestBuy #Smallappliances

The banana chip fonuts are very easy to make. They’re like a wonderful piece of banana bread shaped in a circle! IMG_1168Recipe courtesy of Waylynn Lucas & Nancy Truman

Makes 12 Fonuts

IMG_11521. Mix all dry ingredients together in a Kitchen Aid Mixer or use a hand mixer and then mix wet separately; combine the two together and be careful not to over-mix. IMG_1156

2. Note: If using coconut oil, use a water bath to melt the oil.

3. Lastly, add chocolate chips, as little or as much as you like. We find ¼ cup works perfectly. Pour or spoon into donut molds (available at Bed, Bath and Beyond) or use muffin tins. They work, too.

IMG_11594. Bake at 350°F for approximately 15 minutes until golden brown—when touching the center, it should bounce back.IMG_1166

The photo on top is the top side, right after they cooled. The photo on the bottom shows the bottom side with some added chocolate glaze (just some melted chocolate chips and butter). We enjoyed them both ways. Try it and let me know which one YOU prefer!





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