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Grilling Vegetables

Grilling Vegetables
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IMG_0910A Handy How-To Guide
Summer means grilling and grilling connotes succulent meats and fish marinated in anything from soy sauce to red wine. But what about your vegetables? It’s easy to include them in your back yard BBQ-and with these tips on flavoring and cooking, they’ll be a welcome addition to your table, even for the most finicky eaters.

Throw these sauces into a gallon sized freezer bag, add whatever vegetables you’d like and let them sit for at least 2 hours before grilling to impart the most flavor.


Then, when you’re ready to grill, make sure the grill is well-oiled and be sure you LEAVE THE FOOD ALONE while it cooks. You should see grill marks on vegetables such as yellow squash and eggplant. Slice those about ¼ inch and those should take about 3 minutes per side. Denser vegetables, like bell peppers and onions need closer to 5 minutes a side.

Enjoy your summer!


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