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Healthy Gluten Free Muffins for Breakfast or Snacks

Healthy Gluten Free Muffins for Breakfast or Snacks
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These babies are all KINDS of healthy!

If you read my posts a lot, you’ll know that starchy carbs aren’t my thing.  My diet consists of mostly vegetables, fruit, a little yogurt and protein ranging from organic chicken to almonds. However, when you’re an athlete, you need that fuel to keep yourself going and these little wonders are chock-a-block full of healthy carbs, seeds and nut protein to keep you satisfied and energetic.  AND…they’re super easy.  Give them a shot!  I got the original recipe from a training magazine I read and I changed and added things to make it a little more interesting.

Kids and adults will love them.  They have enough sweetness to keep it interesting and peanut butter to make them appealing.  Try them toasted with a little grass fed butter for breakfast with your eggs.  That will keep you all morning long.

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