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Spicy Cucumber Salad with Salsa Macha

Spicy Cucumber Salad with Salsa Macha
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I love dishes that are out of the ordinary and this dish, by Dr. Michael Crupain, in his latest cookbook The Power Five: Essential Foods for Optimum Health really fits the bill. It works as both a stand-alone snack and a side dish. While the prep time seems long, it’s mostly “leave it alone” time, so it won’t interrupt your day.

This vegan dish has two parts to it, so you get a “twofer” in terms of recipes.  The star of this dish is Dr. Michael’s Salsa Macha, a fantastic combination of seeds, nuts and spicy peppers that can work as a condiment with chicken, fish and other vegetables.

According to the doctor, Salsa Macha originated in the Veracruz region of Mexico. His version is loaded with some of the most under eaten ingredients in terms of nuts and seeds. It’s got a ton of protein, healthy fat and zinc, which is mineral most of us are lacking in, important for both immunity and regulating sex hormones. You can adjust the heat by using only one type of chili or you can add more nuts and seeds for a milder flavor.

I was able to get these fantastic ingredients, curtesy of @MelissasProduce.  Thanks guys!  #ThePowerFiveCookbook #healthyeating @drcrupain, #playwithyourfood

Spicy Cucumber Salad

January 18, 2024
: 4
: Easy


  • 6 Persian Cucumbers, cut into 1/2 inch half moon slices (or whole moon!)
  • Salt
  • 1/4C Salsa Macha
  • 1 tbsp. sherry vinegar (or other acid)
  • 2 tbsps. chopped fresh cilantro, mint or basil (I used basil!)
  • Step 1 Season the cucumbers with salt in a bowl and let stand for 1 hour.
  • Step 2 Drain off water and then mix in the Salsa Macha and vinegar.
  • Step 3 Let stand at room temperature for at least 1 hour.
  • Step 4 Stir in the herbs.
  • Step 5 Serve immediately or refrigerate overnight to marinate further.




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