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Tomato Soup and Spicy Zucchini Puree

Tomato Soup and Spicy Zucchini Puree
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If you saw my last blog post, I talked about my Food Blogger group getting together for a holiday cookie exchange.  What I didn’t talk about was the “kitchen swap.”  We all brought in stuff from our kitchen that we didn’t want or use…or that we were tired of.  From cookbooks to spatulas, it was all there, including a huge stack of La Cucina Italia magazines from 4 and 5 years ago.

I LOVE magazines about cooking, especially from Italy and France. Mostly because I LOVE Italy and France-the scenery, the history and of course, the food!  I grabbed about 6 of them that appealed to me.

The next day, after coming down from the sugar high of the amazing holiday cookies, I sat down to go through them and cut out quite a few recipes that I thought I’d try in the new year.  One of my intentions for this year is to cook more NEW things.  I will do my best to share the ones I think are worthwhile.

To start, I chose this interesting soup combo because it’s cold outside.  Freezing, in fact, in many areas of the country.  I just spoke to someone in Syracuse and she said it was “warming up to a balmy -1oF.  Ooh.  Get out the short and flip-flops!  I remember that weather from when I lived in Colorado.  Brrrr.

This dish takes a bit of work, and it’s worth it.  The tastes are simple and work really well together.  If I were you, I’d double the recipe and perhaps use it for company.  You can also save a ton of time using canned tomatoes, but it won’t taste the same.  Fresh is always best.  The original recipe called for the tomatoes in the soup to be chopped small.  I chose to puree them.  I thought they looked better in the plate that  way.


After making it, I realize I should have made this right before Christmas, as the colors are red and green.  Then I thought, “Wait!  I’m Jewish, and these aren’t Chanukah colors!”

Hmmm. Anyone have a recipe for a blue and white soup that will last eight days?

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