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What to do with turkey leftovers-put it in soup! (Recipe included!)

What to do with turkey leftovers-put it in soup! (Recipe included!)
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I don’t know how to cook for small amounts of people.  If it’s just Bobby and I, I have leftovers for 3 more days.   So, for Thanksgiving, there were 8 people to cook for, so I made a 20 lb turkey and a 4 pound brisket.  Needless to say, I have some leftovers.

Now, being that it’s the holiday season and there are parties, potato latkes and Christmas cookies galore, it’s important to keep your meals healthy and lower calorie so you don’t put on too much weight–or NONE, actually.  I’ve been adding my turkey meat to various soup recipes instead of the protein originally written in them.  Since it’s already cooked, it takes no time and if the soup has lots of vegetables, it’s a meal in itself!  For those who NEED a little something chewy, add a 1/2 cup or rice or a slice of whole grain bread with it.  STILL not bad!

I’m going to share with you a recipe that I have simmering on the stove right now.  Since it’s cold out, OK…cold for Los Angeles (in the 50’s), having soup is perfect right now.  And this spice tomato soup keeps you warm and ups your metabolism because of the added jalapenos.  Anything spicy revs up you right up!  I just added a pound of leftover turkey cut up in cubes right at the end and will have it with a salad for dinner.  Yum!  Enjoy and stay warm for the holidays!

Want more soup recipes?  Let me know and I’ll write them out for you!

Eat well and enjoy your parties responsibly!

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